5 Tips to Know When You Rent a Truck

America, Europe, Africa, Asia all use the same types of vehicles to transport goods from one place to another. This vehicle is namely the truck! Read more ›

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Light Delivery Vehicles for Hire

Light Delivery Vehicles for Hire

In South Africa there are thousands of businesses that make use of light delivery vehicles.   Light delivery vehicles are an affordable alternative to using delivery trucks.  They are great for day-to-day deliveries of goods.  Their fuel consumption is much less than delivery trucks, and they are also easier to maintain. Read more ›

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Not just another truck rental company…

In this day and age, there are many fly-by-night vehicle rental companies that often leave their clients stranded without getting what they paid for… Read more ›

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Hiring a Truck from Power Truck Hire

Due to the current economic climate that we live in, truck hire has become a popular choice when it comes to moving goods by road. The advantage of hiring a truck is simply that you do not own it. You pay a fee for your rental period and that is it. You are not stuck with any maintenance costs, monthly repayments and best of all, you don’t have to deal with any expensive and time consuming breakdowns. Read more ›

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Why bakkie hire a popular service in Durban?

A bakkie has got to be one of the most convenient vehicles to own in South Africa. Without needing a huge truck, you can quickly, easily and efficiently move small to medium loads. Read more ›

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Truck Hire… Power Truck Hire!

South Africa is home to Table Mountain, the largest man-made forest and the economic powerhouse of the African continent. It is also home to some of Africa’s largest and best-known cities… Johannesburg, the lightning, gold and diamond capital of the world. Read more ›

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Bakkie Rental in Durban, Never Easier!

Companies and individuals alike in Durban often have a short term need for a bakkie but find it near impossible to get one.

What prevents them from renting a bakkie? Cost is the biggest factor and bakkie rental companies not allowing individuals and SME’s to rent a bakkie with ease is the 2nd biggest issue.

So what is the alternative then? Read more ›

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5 Reasons why you should rent a truck for your move

Moving homes or offices is never an easy task. A move is a lot of work and if you choose to do the move yourself it becomes even more complicated! Read more ›

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Easy Truck Hire in Durban

When you think of moving heavy loads in Durban, you generally think of goods traveling by sea to South Africa’s largest sea port, Durban Harbour. Read more ›

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Finding Affordable Furniture Removals in South Africa

We know talking about furniture removal companies in South Africa may sound like a bit of a boring topic, but if you live in the country and plan on moving homes soon or at any point in your life then this information is pretty relevant. Read more ›

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