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Managed Contracts Division

Our Managed Contracts Division (MCD), provides clients with a fleet that is configured for their specific needs as well as to supply on-site management and a computerised management information system. The package includes the provision of drivers and crew.

In other words, a managed contract provides our clients with a logistics outsourcing package with flexibility should their business needs change.

Managed Contracts Division can also purchase an existing fleet and replace it with new up to date vehicles that meet the client’s specific vehicle configuration needs. Various options exist to take over existing staff depending on the customers’ requirements.

Access to real-time info is a crucial part of running any business. MCD will introduce a software system that will improve decision making.

We offer our clients an option to outsource all of their logistics and warehousing needs to a professional transport company. This allows customers to simplify their admin processes while at the same time combine service providers.

Our aim at Managed Contracts Division is to become the preferred logistics service provider to all the blue-chip companies in South Africa.