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Welcome to Power Truck Hire, where we offer more than four decades of expertise in truck hire and vehicle leasing. We take immense pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service at competitive rates.

Our vast experience in the truck hire industry allows us to customise our offerings to align with your specific transportation requirements. This sets us apart from our mainstream competitors and gives us a massive advantage.

In addition to our standard short and medium-term truck hire options, we also provide qualifying clients with the opportunity to lease vehicles through our comprehensive Fleet Management services.

Contact us today to discuss your transportation needs, and let us show you how our solutions can significantly benefit your business.


Quality Bakkie Hire with the option of driver.


Cargo and Passenger Van Rental Solutions.


Short to medium term Trust Hire.

Truck Hire Solutions

Ad-hoc Rentals

Power Truck Hire is a well-established and trusted truck rental and transport provider that offers nationwide Truck Hire services in South Africa.

Our truck rental fleet includes various configurations and load capacities.

These include

Vehicle Leasing

Our vehicle leasing solutions offer a complete truck leasing and management service that provides financing and maintenance packages to corporate and commercial companies. 

Learn more about Full Maintenance Leasing


For any information about Power Truck Hire or our Truck Hire solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Additional Information

What types of trucks do you offer?
At Power Truck Hire, we take great pride in our extensive fleet of bakkies, vans, and trucks. Our collection includes a wide range of vehicles such as bakkies, vans, drop side trucks, panel van trucks, curtain side trucks, crane trucks, and truck tractors.

For more detailed information about any of our vehicles, please visit our truck rental fleet page where you will find comprehensive information about each vehicle in our fleet.
How do I request a quote?

To request a vehicle rental quote, visit our quote request page and comete your details. One of our service team members will contact you with a quote and any additional information that you may require. 


Alternativly, give our service team a call on 0861 44 55 44.

How long must a truck be rented for?

In order to accommodate a wide range of transportation needs, we provide a variety of rental term options at Power Truck Hire.


Our rental periods are designed to be flexible, allowing for convenient short-term and medium-term ad-hoc rentals. Whether you require a truck for a few days or several weeks, we can cater to your specific timeframe with ease.


For more detailed information about our rental terms and to discuss your specific requirements, please reach out to our knowledgeable service team. They will be happy to assist you and provide further guidance.

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Can a truck be hired with a driver and crew?

At Power Truck Hire, we go the extra mile to provide value-added services to our customers. As part of our commitment to delivering a comprehensive solution for your transportation needs, we offer the option to hire an experienced truck driver and crew with all our ad-hoc rentals.


We understand that operating a truck and managing a crew can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the necessary expertise or resources. That’s why we have a team of skilled truck drivers and crews who are ready to assist you.


By opting for our experienced truck driver and crew service, you can have peace of mind knowing that professionals will handle the logistics and operations of your rental. They have the expertise to efficiently navigate routes, handle loading and unloading tasks, and ensure the safe transportation of your goods.

This value-added service not only saves you time and effort but also helps to minimise any potential risks associated with operating a truck and managing a crew.


If you’re interested in hiring our experienced truck driver and crew along with your rental, please contact our service team. They will provide you with more details and assist you in arranging the necessary support to make your transportation experience hassle-free.

How much does it cost to rent a truck?

When renting a truck from Power Truck Hire, the rental cost is tailored to your specific transportation requirements. Several factors contribute to the final price, such as the type of vehicle chosen, the duration of the rental, travel distance, labour costs, and insurance.


To ensure you receive an accurate quote, we encourage you to complete our quote request form, providing detailed information about your needs.


Our team will carefully consider all the relevant points to deliver a comprehensive and transparent cost estimate.


Don’t hesitate to reach out and start the quoting process to discover the competitive and customised solutions we offer.

Where is Power Truck Hire located?

Power Truck Hire is situated in Industria, Johannesburg. Our seconday depots in Johannesburg is situated in Kempton Park. 

On a national level, our services are availible in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. 



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