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Panel Van Rental Fleet

Panel Van Rental FleetOur comprehensive panel van fleet comes with load capacities that range between 1.6 and 8tons.

All of our vehicles are available to be rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Isuzu NPR 150
Panel Van
Payload 1,500kg
Dimensions 3,000×1,800×1,750
Consumption 6,70 Km/Lt
License C (Code 10)
Isuzu NPR 300
Panel Van Rental Fleet
Payload 2,606kg
Dimensions 4,200×2,300×2,200
Consumption 6,45 Km/Lt
License C (Code 10)
Isuzu NPR 400
Van Rental
Payload 3,927kg
Dimensions 4,815×2,300×2,200
Consumption 5,80 Km/Lt
License C (Code 10)
Isuzu FSR 700
Truck Hire Fleet
Payload 5,852kg
Dimensions 6,050×2,600×2,100
Consumption 4.20 Km/Lt
License C (Code 10)
Isuzu FTR 800
8 Ton Truck Rental
Payload 7,132kg
Dimensions 6,500×2,500×2,300
Consumption 4.00 Km/Lt
License C (Code 10)

Please note that due to a high demand on our vehicles we cannot guarantee that the exact vehicle you see on the web page will be available, please confirm with your consultant. The displayed vehicle dimensions are used to give an indication to the size of our vehicles.