Crane Truck Hire

Crane Truck RentalPower Truck Hire offers Crane Truck Hire as a specialised service.

We stock a wide range of crane trucks in our fleet that is available with various lifting and load capacities that range between 8 and 14 ton. The crane lifting capacities range between 3 and 6 tons.

The capacity of the crane truck that is hired through Power Truck Hire is determined by mass and volume of the cargo.  In addition, the truck is supplied along with an experienced driver/crane operator.

Please note that our vehicles are rented out on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis. Having the flexibility of a short term rental is ideal for one-off jobs that have to be completed.

For more information about crane truck hire or to request a quote, please contact us!

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 Our Crane Truck Fleet

  • 8 ton drop side with a 3 ton crane
  • 8 ton drop side with a 5 ton crane
  • 8 ton drop side with a 6 ton crane
  • 12 ton drop side truck with a 6 ton crane
  • 14 ton drop side truck with a 5 ton crane

Please note that due to a high demand on our vehicles we cannot guarantee that the exact vehicle you see on the web page will be available, please confirm with your consultant. The displayed vehicle dimensions are used to give an indication to the size of our vehicles.