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Renting a vehicle in South Africa can be tricky and this includes renting a truck. Most truck rental companies only rent out trucks to corporate companies due to the risk that is involved with rentals. This makes it difficult for SMEs and private individuals who have a short-term need for a truck. 

Thankfully, this isn’t the case for all vehicle rental companies. At Power Truck Hire, we run a specialised cash sales division that caters specifically to SMEs and private individuals who have a short to medium-term need for a truck.

And to make life even easier for you, we rent our trucks along with an experienced driver and a crew to assist you with your logistics needs.

Our large fleet of trucks is available to be hired on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We don’t tie you into any form of contract, and our rates are affordable.

Different transport needs call for different types of trucks. We stock panel vans, drop sides, curtain sides, crane trucks, fridge trucks and tail lifts. Their load capacities range from 1,6 tons to 32 tons.

What makes our vehicle rental service even better is that our packages are tailor-made to suit your individual transport needs. This means that you only pay for the service that you use and not any added frills that are not needed.

Next time you have a need to hire a truck, simply give Power Truck Hire a call at 0861 44 55 44 or email us at info@powertruckhire.co.za.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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