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Power Truck Hire is a well-known vehicle rental brand in Gauteng. We were established well over 40 years ago and we have supplied a quality vehicle rental service to many happy clients ever since.

As time passed, we discovered a large need for truck hire in Durban, and as a result, we expanded our service offering reach.

Durban is a busy city that houses the busiest seaport in South Africa. As a direct result, there are many industries in Durban that rely on trucks to move their goods and stock to and from the city and surrounding towns.

In addition to companies who need the use of a truck, we also rent trucks with drivers directly to the public. If you need a truck to assist with a house move or for any other reason, you can simply rent one at a very affordable price.

Truck hire in Durban is not an uncommon service. There are many companies that are also in the Game. But you need to be very careful when dealing with these companies as they often have hidden fees and offer a sub-standard service.

Rather trust a company that has been around for over two decades! At Power Truck Hire, we are extremely client-focused and will go out of our way to assist our clients with their transport needs.

Our Truck Hire Fleet

We stock a large fleet of trucks in Durban that come in various configurations. These include:

  • Panel Vans
  • Curtain Sides
  • Drop Sides
  • Fridge Trucks
  • Crane Trucks
  • Tail Lift Trucks
  • Horse & Trailers

Their load capacities range from 1,6 tons to 32 tons.

Hire a truck in Durban today! 

For more information about truck hire in Durban, please give us a call at 0861 44 55 44 or email us at

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