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At Power Truck Hire, we understand a high demand for a reliable truck rental service in Johannesburg. Therefore, we developed a trusted vehicle rental service to service the demand.  

Trusted Truck Hire in Johannesburg

There is always a need to transport a wide range of goods in, out and around Johannesburg. Often a client does not have a permanent requirement for a truck, and this is where a truck hire service comes in handy.

Whether it’s for furniture moves, commercial deliveries or any other kind of professional or recreational use, Power Truck Hire has the capacity and a vehicle to assist with your logistical requirements.

In general, truck rental in Johannesburg can be very tricky. Many truck rental companies are just out there to make a quick buck and do not consider their client’s needs in any way. That is where we differ, at Power Truck Hire, we do care and will provide you with the correct vehicle for the job and give you a quote that contains no hidden costs.

We understand that our clients have different truck hire requirements. For this reason, we supply a large fleet of trucks that suit various transportation requirements. Clients take comfort in knowing that they only need to make use of Power Truck Hire to handle all of their vehicle rental requirements.

So if you need to hire a truck in or around Johannesburg! Give us a call! – 0861 44 55 44 or email

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