Tips for moving homes or offices

Make a checklist

Make a checklist of what needs to get done. Refer back to the list regularly. Often you think that you have remembered everything, but this is not always the case. You can tick off items as you action them.

Make a packing system

Number your boxes and keep a list of what is in each box. Often when boxes are packed, you tend to just pack and tape up the box without knowing what is in the boxes. Then you get to your moving destination and you need to find something urgently and you have to open 30 boxes before you find the item what you want.


Make sure that you have enough boxes. Often people don’t plan the number of boxes that are needed and end up moving loose items. Keep boxes one side for unplanned, last minute packing. Also make sure that you have enough plastic packing tape to seal your boxes.

Other supplies that may come in handy is, making pens, labels, bubble wrap, packing paper and a furniture trolley.


Do not over pack your boxes. You do not want to them to brake when picking them up or transporting them. If you have various heavy items to pack, rather half fill the box with them, and pack the other half with lighter items.

Items that you do not use on a regular basis you can pack ahead of your move, this will save time on the day of your move.

Use your luggage bags. Your luggage packs are there generally for clothing when you travel. Use them to pack your clothing when you move.

Keep a theme when packing. Keep toys together, keep all TV gadgets together (wires, remotes ect…) and so on. This will make life easier when unpacking.

Make sure you keep all your important documents together (ID Books, Birth Certificates, Policies, Accounts, Car Papers ect…) These always tend to get lost.

The Move

Often moving can be an expensive task. Furniture Removals often work out costly. There are companies out there that hire out bakkies and trucks. They are not removal companies, so this means they will not pack and move for you. They can supplies drivers and assistance, but their purpose is just to move yours household items. This often saves allot of moving fees. So you will still need to pack up your house and pack the vehicle, but that step alone will save you money.

After the Move

Once you have moved everything into your new home, you should tackle one room at a time. Unpack and pack away each room’s items. This will save you many grey hairs. If you do not do it this way, you may end up with plenty grey hair! Each room will be chaos until one day everything is sorted.

You may want to finish your bedrooms first. This way, you will at least get a decent night rent after your move.

Other than that…. Good Luck!