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The cost of vehicle rental is a highly debatable topic. Many vehicle rental companies present a low cost quote to you for van rental but when you return it you discover all the additional charges that were never mentioned to start off with. The last thing you want when returning a vehicle is a high invoice that you never budgeted for.

At Power Truck Hire, we offer quality van rental in Durban that we’ve made accessible to private individuals, SME and corporate companies. We don’t tie you down in any contracts. You’re able to rent a van on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

A few points determine our van rental cost and are essentially determined by your needs. These points can be broken down as follows:

Type of van

We stock various types of vans, including: Cargo Vans, Panel Vans and Passenger Vans. The type of van that you hire in Durban will affect the rental rate.

Duration of rental

To offer our clients the best rental premiums and value, we’ve worked out daily, weekly and monthly vehicle rental rates.

Distance travelled

We include a set amount of kilometres with your van rental. If you exceed the set amount, an additional fee per kilometre will be charged.


Insurance is a very important factor to take into account when renting a vehicle. Insurance fees are charged to cover you in the event of an accident or theft. We give our clients the option to “Self-insure” the vehicles. This is where you use a private insurance company to cover the vehicle on your behalf.


The labour factor comes into vehicle rental if you elect to take one of our drivers to drive the vehicle. We also offer a staffing service where you can hire additional assistants to help you with the loading and off-loading of the vehicle.

Hire a van today!

At Power Truck Hire, we pride ourselves on offering a quality client service. We’ll go out of our way to assist you with your Durban van rental needs.

In addition to van rental in Durban, we also offer our services in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. 

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