The Benefits of Truck Rental

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Why are consumers inclined to make the use of truck rental rather than buying their own trucks? There is one reason that affects most of our decisions in like and that is cost!

Then you rent a truck, you will get it for a day or two depending on your transport needs and then you give it back. So you will not have any additional costs that will come your way such as:

  • Monthly vehicle repayments
  • Monthly insurance premiums
  • Service costs
  • Licence fees

When you make use of truck rental, you will only pay the truck rental costs that are charged to you by your truck rental service provider.

Truck Leasing

If your company has a need for a long-term use of a truck or a fleet of trucks, then you can consider truck leasing. What does this mean? You can lease a fleet of trucks on a long-term basis through full maintenance leasing. Again, this will cut out the costs of monthly repayments, service costs and costly vehicle replacements.

Truck Rental

The next question you may ask is “Where do I find a reliable truck rental company?” Well, keep on reading.

Power Truck Hire is a truck rental company that is based in Johannesburg. Aside from truck rental, they also offer truck leasing.

Power Truck Hire has been in the vehicle rental industry for well over 30 years, and in this time, they have gained priceless experience. They have a passion for providing their clients with the best possible service, and they will always go the extra mile to make sure that you have been assisted with your truck hire needs correctly.

Power stocks a large fleet of trucks, including:

  • Panel vans
  • Curtain sides
  • Drop sides

Their load capacities range from 1,6tons to 32tons.

Contact Power Truck Hire

For more information about truck rental through Power Truck Hire, Please call them on 0861 44 55 44 or email them at

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