The advantages of renting a truck

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Truck hire is often associated with high costs and complicated booking processes. With service offerings and products constantly evolving, so have the costs and processes of vehicle rental. Power Truck Hire has got to a stage where we offer easy and low-cost truck rentals to corporate companies, SME’s and corporate companies.

But why hire a truck? Why not just buy one and save on rental fees? Well, the answer to that is easy. Not every company or individual have a full-time need for a truck, so purchasing one is simply not logical. Often consumers only need a truck for a day or two every now and then so renting is the most viable option.

Owning a truck has many responsibilities that come with it. By renting one you will NOT be liable for:

  • Monthly bank loan payments
  • Monthly insurance premiums
  • Service costs
  • Breakdown costs
  • Driver wages
  • Licencing fees

Wouldn’t it be great to have a truck without these expenses? Through truck hire, you can!

Truck Hire Cost

When renting a truck through us, we’ll supply you with an all-inclusive rate that includes:

  • Rate for the truck hired
  • Set amount of KM’s
  • Limitation of liability cover
  • Staff wages
  • The amount of time that the truck is rented

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