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Moving homes has always been a mission. Can you remember as a child having to help pack your parent’s bakkie and having to do hundreds of loads to get everything moved? It felt like the day took forever to get finished.

Times have changed a lot, and so has moving. Like everything else in the world, moving has become quick and easy.

Moving truck rental has become a popular choice when it comes to moving. You rent a truck for a day, it arrives at your home, you pack it, it will then arrive at your new home, and you unpack it. Most of the time you can get your entire move done in one load! This will save you and your family a lot of time…

At Power Truck Hire, we have a large range of moving trucks available. They range from 1,6 ton to 14 ton.

Moving truck rental is not a complicated service to find. All that you need to do is contact Power Truck Hire, and tell us what your moving requirements are, we will provide you with a quote and book a truck for you once we have received payment.

To make your life even easier, we will supply you with a truck driver to drive the truck around for you and additional assistance to help load and unload your household items. (These options are available at a small additional cost).

Moving Truck Rental

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