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Truck Rentals – Power Truck Hire is a vehicle rental company in Johannesburg that specialises in short to medium term truck rentals.

Our truck rentals service is offered to private individuals, SME’s and corporate companies and are commonly used to move furniture, office, equipment, stock and the list goes on…

Our Truck Rental Fleet

We understand that not everybody or organisation have the same transportation need. For this reason, we have provided a large truck rental fleet that has many different configurations and sizes.

Our fleet includes:

1.6, 4 and 8 ton trucks that come in three core configurations. These include panel vans, drop sides and curtain sides. We also provide a fleet of specialised trucks. These include crane trucks, refrigerated trucks, tail lifts trucks, horse & trailer and super links.

Truck Rentals

If you need a fleet of trucks on a long-term basis, then we can offer you FML or Full Maintenance Leasing. This option will cut your maintenance costs and ensure that your vehicles are always on the road.

Rental Terms

We hire out trucks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is a huge benefit as you can choose to rent a truck for the exact amount of time that you need it for. We also provide professional drivers and assistants when requested by our customers.

We provide Truck Hire solutions. For all of your transportation requirements, do not hesitate to contact Power Truck Hire!

Contact Power Truck Hire

If you would like more information about truck rentals, call us on 0861 44 55 44 or email us at

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