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What happens when you buy a new fridge, bed, washing machine or dining room table in Cape Town and you need to get it home or, if you need to make a once-off small to medium delivery and your car is simply too small? 

In cases like this, don’t you just wish that you had a bakkie? Well… you can have a bakkie and you can have one without having to own one through bakkie hire from Power Truck Hire.

Hire a bakkie in Cape Town

At Power Truck Hire, we are well known for our truck rental services. We are a trusted company that supplies corporate companies, SMEs and individuals with all of their transport requirements. This core service has paved the way for us to provide a reliable bakkie hire service that is simplistic and affordable to general consumers.

Our bakkies are offered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A great advantage of such flexible rental terms is that you only need to hire a bakkie for as long as you need it. We will not tie you into a fixed-term contract.

We can also supply you with a driver who can do your deliveries for you. If you need extra hands with loading and off-loading then we will supply you with an assistant who will have the job done in no time!

What type of bakkies can you rent?

In Cape Town, we stock carious bakkie configurations to suit many transport needs. Our configurations include:

  • 1 ton (open and closed)
  • Volumetric
  • Super toners
  • Double cabs
  • Half tons

Hire a bakkie today in Cape Town

To find out more information about bakkie hire in Cape Town or to make a booking, please email us at

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