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A van is one of the most versatile vehicles that are available in South Africa. It’s a vehicle that can be used to carry passengers, furniture, electronic equipment and the list goes on.

Not everyone has a full-time need for a van but may need the use of one from time to time, and that is where our convenient van rental service comes into play.

Our Fleet

At Power Truck Hire, we stock various types of vans that are rented out for different transport requirements. Our fleet includes Panel Vans, Cargo Vans and Passenger vans.

Panel Vans

Panel vans are a good choice when it comes to moving a larger cargo type, such as furniture. These vans are commonly used by furniture removal companies.

Cargo Vans

These vans are popular among courier companies. They are used to transport smaller loads than a truck panel van.

Passenger Vans

Our passenger vans are commonly used to transport staff on and off-site. We offer both 16 and 32-seater vehicles.

Client Services at Power Truck Hire

At Power Truck Hire, we put our clients’ needs first. As a result, we ensure that you get the best vehicle rental deal that is possible.

Gone are the days when van rental was an inconvenience. Give us a call, and we’ll do the rest!

Rent a van through Power Truck Hire today!

Call us on 0861 44 55 44 or email us at info@powertruckhire.co.za for more information. 

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