Reliable Transport through Bakkie Rental 

South Africa would not be the same without the well-known Bakkie that makes our country’s roads unlike any other. A Bakkie is multipurpose and incredibly resilient, making them a worthwhile investment if you need to transport a small to medium load from one location to another.

At Power Truck Hire, we understand that not every person or company have a full-time requirement for a Bakkie, but need one from time to time. For this reason, we have made an easy bakkie rental service available for private and business use.

Bakkie Rental

Unlike other vehicle rental companies in South Africa, Power Truck Hire makes Bakkie Rental available to Private Individuals and Companies.

We take pride in ensuring that bakkie rental is as cheap and straightforward as possible! Our Bakke Rental contacts are transparent, and clients will not be caught with any surprise costs after the bakkie is returned.

Each quote Bakkie Rental quote that we issue is tailor-made to meet our client’s specific requirements.

The cost of renting a bakkie is determined by the proposed travel distance, rental time, and insurance.  Should a client decide to rent a bakkie with one of our drivers, additional charges will be added to cover the labour costs.

Our Bakkie Rental Fleet

At Power Truck Hire, we realise that clients have different needs for a bakkie. For this reason, we have stocked our fleet with various bakkie configurations. These include

  • 1 Ton Single Cabs with the option of a canopy
  • Double cabs
  • Volumetric
  • Super Tonners
  • H100

If you are not sure what configuration will suit your needs, give us a call, and we will advise you on the best option.

Contact Power Truck hire

For more information about our Bakkie Rental service, please give us a call on 0861 44 55 44 or email

Our rental depots are conveniently located in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.