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Looking for Van Rental?

Van Rental in Gauteng is a very popular choice for the individual consumers and small to medium business owners. Lets be honest, at some point in everyone’s lives they will need to transport goods from one point to another and what better vehicle to use than a van. One would think that renting a van in either Johannesburg or Pretoria would not be a difficult process, however, the big rental companies do not like dealing with the individual consumers and small to medium enterprises and for this reason van rental can become extremely challenging and expensive. This is where Power Truck Hire comes to the rescue. The best vehicle rental company in the west rand. A company who does not overlook the ‘little guys’ but rather embraces them and offers a service like no other!

What Power Truck Hire has to offer…

Simplicity is our key to success. When you call Power Truck Hire for van rentals, our call center assistants will find out everything about your delivery and a quotation will be generated and sent to you within minutes. To make your life even simpler, we will supply you with a trained code 10 driver. All you need to do is relax and we will take care of everything. Van rental is our forte’ and we offer the most affordable van rental service in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Van Rental Tips!

  • Know the nature and size of your payload
  • know your route as well as possible
  • check if your delivery route will have toll gates along the way
  • and, as much as we try to protect your good, ensuring that they are packaged properly cannot hurt
Anyway, that’s enough for now. All you need to do is call Power Truck Hire today for your quotation and eventual rental.



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