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Do you need to hire a Truck in Cape Town? A Truck is one of the most useful vehicles in the world due to its vast transport capabilities. You get various types of trucks that are able to move different load types. These trucks generally include panel vans, drop sides and curtain sides. These truck configurations are available in different sizes and have various load capacities. The details of what you are transporting, as well as the mass and volume of your items, will determine what type of truck you would need to hire.

Where do you find a reliable truck hire company in Cape Town that you can rely on and trust? There are many truck hire companies in Cape Town, but many of them might take you for a ride. You need to make sure that there are no hidden costs. Make sure up front what your charges are and what your additional charges are should you use additional kilometres.

Power Truck Hire

Power Truck Hire has been in the vehicle rental industry for well over 30 years. We’re a trusted brand in the industry, and we are well-known for our affordable rates and excellent service levels.

We hire trucks for private individuals, SMEs and corporate companies who need trucks in the short to medium term. We also offer the option of long-term rentals to corporate companies.

If you would like more information on Cape Town truck hire, contact us today! You can call us on 0861 44 55 44 or email us at

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