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Moving is a common task that we all love to hate. It requires a lot of effort with packing, moving and un-packing again. Generally your life will be in utter chaos for a good few days after your move.

One of the most painful aspects when moving is the actual transport that moves your boxes and furniture to your new home. Many people rely on a borrowed bakkie that needs to make multiple trips to get the move done. Then just your luck, your move will only be completed after dark and only then, you will be able to start getting your new home in order. Finally at 2AM, you find your bedding and are able to make your bed and go to sleep.

What if we had to tell you that there is a far easier and faster way to move that is affordable? Yes, it’s true! We don’t provide a furniture removal service but rather a moving solution.

Easy Truck Hire In Pretoria

At Power Truck Hire, we stock a large fleet of trucks. For moving, we recommend that an 8ton panel van is used. An 8 ton truck is big enough to move a standard 4 bedroom home in one trip. We provide you with the truck as well as a driver who will arrive at your pickup point on your moving day. The truck will get loaded and your load will be delivered to your new location. To save costs, you will be responsible for the loading and off-loading but we do give you the option to hire additional assistants to assist you if you don’t have your own manpower.

Truck hire in Pretoria can be a tricky service to find as most vehicle rental companies will only rent vehicles to corporate companies. This is what sets us aside from the rest as we provide truck hire to private individuals, SME’s and corporate companies. If you need to rent a truck in Pretoria for a move, then remember Power Truck Hire!

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