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First of all, what is a fridge truck? In simple terms, it is a panel van truck that is fitted with refrigeration equipment that allows the temperature to control the cargo area of the truck.

Fridge trucks are used on a daily basis in South Africa by many fast-moving consumable goods distributors includes. They are commonly used by dairy product distributors and butchers that transport fresh meat. Fridge trucks are also popular in coastal regions to transport fresh fish products.

Why Fridge Truck Rental?

Why do our clients make use of our fridge truck rental services? There are two reasons for this.

  1. Our clients often have their fridge trucks with which they do their deliveries. But there are cases where their vehicles break down or they cannot meet demand with their current fleet, and they have to rent a truck from time to time.
  2. The second reason is vehicle leasing. Many companies will lease a fleet of fridge trucks from us. They then save on maintenance and service costs. Truck leasing is a very popular product under the Power Truck Hire name.

Fridge Truck Rental Cost

The cost of a refrigerated truck is determined by you and your needs. What do we mean by this? Well, we take a few points into account when working out our truck rental quotes. These points include:

  • Size truck rented
  • Duration of rental
  • Distance travelled
  • Insurance
  • Labour

So, the cost of your fridge truck rental is determined by your individual transport needs.

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