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From time to time, many companies and individuals require the use of a van on a temporary basis. Vans are convenient for delivering orders, moving stock, and even transporting passengers. Power Truck Hire offers the perfect van rental service in Johannesburg that is available to private individuals, SMEs and corporate companies.

We allow our vehicle to be rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So it does not matter how long you need a van. We’ll have a solution for you.

We believe the providing a high-quality service so that you won’t have anything to worry about.

Van Rental Fleet

In line with providing a brilliant client service, We’ve stocked our Johannesburg van rental fleet with a variety of vans to suit different types of transport needs. These vans include:

  • Cargo Vans
  • Passenger Vans
  • Panel Vans

These vans are stocked in different sizes. Your transport requirements will determine the type of van that you rent from them.

Van Rental Rates

At Power, we offer customised van rental rates that suit your needs. When you rent a van from us, we’ll take the following points into account:

  • Type of van rented
  • Distance to travel
  • Duration of rental
  • Insurance
  • Labour

Find out more about van rental in Johannesburg!

For more information on van rental in Johannesburg, please call us at 0861 44 55 44 or email us at

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