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When you think of moving heavy loads in Durban, you generally think of goods travelling by sea to South Africa’s largest seaport, Durban Harbour. However, moving goods on land is just as important and this is where Power Truck Hire comes into the picture. We understand that almost everyone will find the need to hire a truck for a day at some point. Whether it’s for furniture removals, commercial deliveries or any other kind of professional or recreational use, Power Truck Hire has included truck hire Durban to the wide range of utility vehicle rentals that we already offer.

We’re different

Power Truck Hire is unlike other furniture removal/vehicle hire companies. We make it our mission to focus all our attention on you, the individual, SME or corporate company looking to hire a truck in Durban. Our truck hire packages are not made to serve businesses, which is why hiring a truck with us is personal, affordable, convenient and completely up to you to customise according to the particular vehicle you wish to hire, and the mileage of your trip.

We also know that if you’re renting a truck in Durban, you’ll want a truck that addresses your transport needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Our customers are all very different, so we’ve made sure that we have an equally diverse fleet of trucks in Durban to best serve a multitude of different transport requirements.

Loads of trucks to choose from

Durban is known for being a chilled-out city, but temperatures in this corner of the country are generally far from chilled. This small inconvenience is no problem when you hire a truck in Durban through Power Truck Hire. If you’re looking for a way to move goods that need to be kept cold, we have refrigerated trucks for your convenience.

Additionally, there may be times when you need to move something, but simply getting it into the truck is almost impossible. For these heavier situations, Power Truck Hire has crane trucks for hire, so that you can pick up the goods and drive them away in one quick and convenient step.

If neither of these trucks are exactly what you have in mind, you may find that our tail-lift trucks and curtain-side trucks available for hire in Durban are more appropriate for your particular job at hand.

Look no further

With our wide range of vehicles, competitive and convenient packages, as well as our customer-centric approach to service, renting a truck in Durban has never been easier! Call Power Truck Hire today.

Power Truck Hire is a low-cost truck rental supplier focused on the individual consumer market in Durban. For more about truck hire in Durban Power Truck Hire. 

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