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Easy & Affordable Bakkie Hire in Johannesburg

Did you know that Power Truck Hire does not only offer truck hire, but also bakkie hire? Bakkie hire in Johannesburg is ideal for when a truck is simply too big! A bakkie can effortlessly transport small to medium loads. They are also very economical to run!

At Power Truck Hire, we don’t believe that smaller transport needs should be overlooked. Many large vehicle rental companies only cater for large businesses and tend to forget about the clients whose needs don’t fit into their criteria. We provide our service to any consumer that needs an affordable and reliable bakkie to hire in Johannesburg.

In addition to providing bakkie hire, we also supply various types of bakkies, including open/closed 1 ton, half tons, double cabs, volumetric, super tonners and H100’s.

Another benefit of using us for your vehicle rentals is that we focus on long-term bakkie rentals and the short terms also.

Bakkie hire in Johannesburg can often be tricky. Often, other rental companies are not transparent, and you get caught out with unexpected costs. That is where we are different. We are transparent and trustworthy! You will always know what costs to expect when returning a vehicle.

Put our bakkie rental service to the test! 

For more information on bakkie hire in Johannesburg, please call us on 0861 44 55 44 or email us at

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