Moving homes or offices is never an easy task. A move is a lot of work and if you choose to do the move yourself it becomes even more complicated! Moving Truck RentalWhy do people to choose to do moves themselves? The answer to that is actually really simple. It is far cheaper compared to using a furniture removal company. But is there a way to move where you can still do things yourself, save money but make the move easier? Yes there is! Moving truck rental from Power Truck Hire!

Here are 5 reasons who you should rent a moving truck to do your move.

1. Saving Time

Most of us will complete a move by using a bakkie or a small trailer. The disadvantage in moving this way is that the move will take a long time to complete not to mention the multiple times that you would have to drive up and down moving items from your old location to your new location. By hiring a truck, your move is generally done in one load saving you time and money!

2. Less Resources Required

When hiring a truck from Power Truck Hire you will be supplied with a driver and the option of assistants who will do all the heavy lifting, loading and off-loading! This alone will speed up your move and make it a whole lot easier.

3. Self-Coordinated

Even thou you have hired a truck to move your home or office, you still have full control over the move. This way you will know that everything is being done and that it is being done correctly.

4. Cross Provence Moves with Ease

Moving cross country is always a costly service to make use of. Power Truck Hire will cut these costs. Cross country moves work on the same principal as our local moves where we will supply you with a truck, a driver and assistants to assist with loading. The co-ordination is up to you

5. Cost Saving

Truck hire is very different to Furniture Removal. Essentially, you get far less services but the cost saving is experiential. We don’t supply you with boxes, bubble wrap and protective blankets. You get what you pay for which is a truck and a driver and the additional option of assistants.

When planning your next move or relocation, be sure to give Power Truck Hire a call. Let us show you how to make your move easy!

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